Vintage set of Five Piero Fornasetti Teme E Variazioni Wall Plates



1¼” H × 10” dia 

Vintage set of Piero Fornasetti plates from the " Tema e Variazioni." Porcelain. Excellent condition, minor wear. Includes: Keyhole, no. 14 ; Five Eyes no. 43 ; Clock Face, no. 74 ; Face of the Moon, no. 85 ; Pearl in Scallop Shell, no 274. 

Underglaze mark for Hutschenreuther who provided the blanks.

Blanks Baveria. Decoration Milan.

Excellent condition, minor wear consistent with age and use.

Sold as a set.

The moment when Piero Fornasetti first noticed a photo of the opera singer Lina Cavalieri on the pages of a magazine marks a pivotal point in the artist's output. Transfixed by that face, which he saw as a canon of classical beauty, he began to draw it and reproduce it in an endless series of guises and variations, in what seems a perfect partnership between muse and artist. The two never actually met, but over the years that obsessive act of creating variations on a theme would never abandon Piero and his work. The star of a never-ending mental exercise in transformation, Lina is the focus of the Tema e Variazioni series, which today numbers around 400 variants.

Bavaria and Italy

Mid 20th century