Square Composition in Gold and Yellow Ocher By Victor Vasarely, b.1906-1997



Unframed, 26.5" x 25" Framed, 36.5" x 34.5”

A PRINT, "Square Composition in Gold and Yellow Ocher," gilt colored serigraph on paper, shades of yellow ocher and black, signed in pencil in margin, "Vasarely" special edition number in pencil, "V.F. 20/65," 

Widely considered the grandfather of Op art, the French-Hungarian painter Victor Vasarely created eye-popping geometric abstractions that play with the viewer’s perception of depth, perspective and motion. 

Such illusions were more than pleasing tricks for Vasarely, who insisted that “pure form and pure color can signify the world.” He wanted to “democratize” art by producing works in large editions at reasonable prices that were understandable across national and cultural boundaries. In the 1960s, he developed an alphabet plastique, or fine art alphabet, consisting of elementary visual building blocks that could be used in endless combinations to create original compositions. By employing this universal visual vocabulary and stripping away topical references, he sought to create what he called a “Planetary Folklore.”

20th century

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