“White Pots with Interruptions” by Ken Eastman (B.1960)


Without seam: 10”H x 9 3/8”W x 8 1/2”D

With Seam : 10 3/4”H x 8 1/2”W x 9 7/8”D

Only two of three pieces found, “White Pots with Interruptions” by UK artist Ken Eastman. Contemporary studio art pottery vessel, both signed “Eastman ‘94” underfoot. Great condition. Original photo from the artist from the 90s (pre-digital) pictured in the last image. 

Sold as a pair. Two pieces of an original series of three. 

Ken Eastman, born in 1960, is a prominent figure in the world of ceramic arts. With a background in Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal College of Art, London, his journey is as remarkable as his creations. Garnering accolades like the prestigious 'Premio Faenza' in Italy (1995) and the 'Gold Medal' at the 1st World Ceramic Biennale in Korea (2001), Eastman's work speaks volumes.

His art revolves around the vessel, transforming it into a vessel of expression and meaning. Utilizing ceramics, he orchestrates a symphony of shape, structure, tone, and color.These intricate pots were crafted from clay slabs, shaped and assembled spontaneously. Eastman's process allowed for minimal planning, focusing instead on small decisions that gradually formed each piece. The final works feature crisp outlines and smooth surfaces, transformed by layers of painted slips and oxides during firing.

Eastman's mastery lies in the intricate dance of form and color, where each element converges to create a harmonious whole. Eastman has said of his own work "Part of the reason for making (in fact a very large part of the reason) is to see things that I have never seen before - to build something that I can not fully understand or explain."