Pastel Red Mountains by Will Klemm b.1957


16 7/8”H x 16 7/8”W x 1”D
Unframed: 8”H x 8”

A beautiful pastel by Texas artist Will Klemm.  One of his first works with pastel while studying under pastellist William Hoey (1930-1994). Hoey was a "magic realist" painter of the Southwest. Klemm's piece dates from the very earliest period of his work in pastel, among his first twenty experiments with pastel media. Framed. Unsigned. Excellent original art. Collector's piece.

Drawing inspiration from Old Masters and Impressionists, Klemm's art transcends traditional boundaries, capturing landscapes that oscillate between recognition and memory. Working on the finest grain sandpaper, he achieves remarkable surfaces, grounding his pastels in improvisational talent that ranges from realistic to abstract.