ByCloudia is founded on the principle that your daily routine is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. We believe in beautifying everyday experiences.  

Recognizing that memories made are only partly about the aesthetic, and entirely about who you share a drink or bite with. We strive to live as if living itself is the celebration… Sharing delicious meals, sharing beautiful places and cultures, and enjoying laughs with friends. For everything culinary and home, let us help you discover Tu Dulce Vida! 
Join us as we explore new recipes through intimate culinary experiences, travel, and find fabulous treasures for your home. 

Claudia Geoly

Claudia, owner and founder of ByCloudia.
Claudia enjoys living life to the fullest and believes in touching all the senses through food, art, decor, travel, and creating space. Claudia is a graduate of the culinary and pastry arts from The Cordon Bleu in San Francisco. 
Her childhood was spent traveling between Monclova, Mexico and Houston, Texas. Traveling at a young age allowed her to find her passion for color, expression, culture, and taught her that food has the power to bring people together, and most importantly, that everyone is welcome at the table.
Her love for travel has continued to grow well into adulthood, spending extensive time in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, and England. The architecture and interiors of international travel have inspired her sophisticated taste; both on the plate and in the home… which is where ByCloudia was born! A place to bring together all the components to help you discover tu Dulce Vida! 


Harley H

Photo of Harley holding her puppy, Lux (small brown and white puppy), in her arms.
Harley, Creative Director of ByCloudia. 
I grew up seeing my mother create paintings to sell at the neighborhood shop, and at my grandfather's auction house. From a young age, I was surrounded by beautiful things with endless inspiration. 
As I got older, creativity has always been an important outlet for me, almost inseparable from who I am as a person. Whether it be music, painting, fashion, or writing, I feel more myself when I am creating. 
In school, I studied advertising and art at the University of Oklahoma and Texas State University. I saw it as a way to communicate ideas with visual elements. I was able to delve into my interest in typography, anthropology, and photography. I'm also grateful for these years for allowing me to find my inspiration through nature. 
In my style, I find that I am frequently drawn to items that are vivid and playful, but still provide a sense of tranquility. I've always been interested in generating spaces that feel comforting and vibrant.
I look forward to helping you find your inspiration!