Cartoneria Sculpture by Antonio Joel Garcia (1955-2023)

$989.00 $1,800.00

14 1/4"H  x 22"L  x  21 1/2"W

A beautiful Alebrije sculpture by the late Mexican artist Antonio Joel Garcia.  A fantastic art piece with avian and reptilian features. Vibrant colors encompass this imaginative creature. Professionally restored. Signed. Not free standing. Meant to be hung or incorporated on a stand. Acrylic on paper. Excellent condition.

Garcia, an apprentice to Pedro Linares, started his artistic journey at the age of 10. Under Linares' guidance, he not only mastered the techniques of the Mexican Paper Mache  Sculpture.  Antonio Joel Garcia imbibed a profound appreciation for detail and perfection in his creations. Later becoming a known Master of his art.

Alebrijes, known as Paper Monsters, incorporate elements from various animals, such as dragon-like bodies, bat wings, wolf-like teeth, and dog-like eyes. 

Antonio Joel Garcia's works can be found in various museums in Mexico, the United States,  Europe and in private collections.  His most notable piece can be found at The Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico City. Garcia was commissioned to take part in the Train of History during the Bicentennial celebration of Mexican Independence. Each wagon was assigned to the best artisans in various Mexican art disciplines. Among all the Artisans of Papier Mache, Master Joel Garcia, was entrusted with a wagon representing the signing of the Constitution. Master.

Early 2000