Square Geometric Modern Lucite Sculpture by Beck and Jung

$450.00 $800.00

4.0W x 4.0L x 1.25H in

A favorite at ByCloudia. Geometry, 3D within and lucite. All good stuff! Depending on how you look at this piece your eye will wander deeper into the world of Beck and Jung. The Swedish artist duo Holger Bäckstöm (1939-1997) and Bo Luingberg (1939-2007). Great vintage condition. Minor wear. Signed Beck and Jung 18/500, 1978.

They are best known for variations on three-dimensional grids in all the colors of the rainbow. 

Beck & Jung's first solo exhibition was at Lund's Konsthall in 1967. The duo had already started using mainframes as an artistic medium in 1966. Image printing possibilities were at this time limited and the artists were forced to use the standard characters of the line printer to form the first primitive images. Despite technical difficulties and skepticism on the part of colleagues and critics, they ultimately saw great possibilities for the graphic image. From 1973, Beck & Jung worked mainly with color images, and in the same year they showed their first computer-generated color images at the Youth Biennale in Paris.

A collector's piece