Mystical Jeweled Horse Sculpture by Domenico Pinto

$3,500.00 $4,800.00

23.75”H x 19”L x 4”D 

A beautiful sculpture that will amaze and captivate. Made entirely by hand. Red, blue, and turquoise are the dominant colors with 24KT gold throughout the piece. Domenico Pinto, a master of terracotta, created this precious and elegant sculpture in his artisan workshop, at the foot of the walls of the Episcopal Castle in Grottaglie. A one of a kind piece. Not a perfect piece due to its hand made quality. Look closely and you will find Domenico's touch.

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Born in Grottaglie, Italy.  Pinto, a pupil of the Capasonar Master, Ciro La Grotta from whom he drew traditional colors and shapes while developing them into his own art. Through Domenico Pinto's skillful craftsmanship, everyday objects are transformed into something magical—breathing emotion, sentiment, and passion into each piece. Pinto is committed to preserving the traditional Grottagliese culture. He does so by combining its symbols and values with his love for research and innovation. The moon to the owl, doves, flowers and sun found in his sculptures are taken from mythological Apulian folklore. Domenico's artwork is proudly showcased in collections worldwide, including the Vatican.


Sourced in Grottaglie, Italy