Set of Early Export Chinese Ginger Porcelain Jars


9"H x 7 1/2 "diam

A beautiful example of an 18th century export, marked by the red seal underneath. A freehand drawing of chrysanthemums and stylised foliage. In fabulous condition. No chips. Some wear.

Chrysanthemums which symbolize happiness and vitality, are a popular autumn flower in China and carry special significance during the Double Ninth Festival. The Double-Ninth Festival, often referred to as Chongyang Festival or Senior's Day, occurs on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Chinese lunar calendar.

Nine is a symbol of yang, which in Chinese denotes masculinity, according to Yijing (The Book of Changes).  Furthermore, as longevity and double-ninth are both roughly equivalent in Mandarin, this day has come to symbolize reverence for the elderly and remembering the deceased. On Chongyang Festival, people often engage in five activities: climbing, wear dogwood leaves, eat Chongyang cakes, admire the beauty of chrysanthemums, and take care of the elderly.
The chrysanthemum blooms on Chongyang Festival. During ancient times people considered chrysanthemums to be a symbol of longevity.So, they gathered on the Festival to savor chrysanthemum wine, admire the beauty of this flower, and pay tribute to those who have come before.

Two available. Sold as a Set.



19th Century