Cloisonné Bowl

$150.00 $216.00

2.75”h x 8 “ dia

This is a fabulous black metal bowl with colored flower detailing. The dark background provides a beautiful contrast for the flowers. Also features a cloud motif, which is associated with royalty and the midpoint between heaven and earth. Marked "Made In China" Chinese Republic Period cloisonné bowl.

A favorite at ByCloudia. Sourced in San Francisco.

Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects with colored material held in place or separated by metal strips or wire. In antiquity, the cloisonné technique was mostly used for jewelry and small fittings. By the 14th century this enamel technique had been replaced in Europe by champleve. It then spread to China, where it was soon used for larger vessels such as bowls and vases.

20th century