"Spirit Rock" Figure Scape no.13 by Ondrea Vicklund


12 3/4" x 9 3/4"

Ondrea captures the Majesty of the Bay Area with her natural sense of the open air. The sensual space is captured by the female nude that is one with the landscape. A gorgeous piece by Ondrea Vicklund. Original art. Gouache on paper. Brush matte metal gold frame.

Ondrea Vicklund studied in fine art and illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco after developing her artistic skills as a child in rural Northern Wisconsin. She is presently a Mill Valley, California, resident.

Her plein air paintings, done alla prima with her portable gouache studio, show that she is at home in nature. She follows the light of the day to determine her places. She often sits there to catch the momentary spotlight cast by a particular tree, valley, cliffside, or tide break because they frequently draw attention to themselves.

Painting on her mother's walls was the start of Vicklund's creative career, which later professionally progressed to gallery work, editorial illustration, digital concept art for video games, co-founding a wallpaper company, and returning to painting on walls.

American Artist