“Pinocyte” by Darin Wood


20" x 20"

Come and be part of Darin Wood's world with Pinocyte. Rhythym and movement encompass this mix media painting. A beautiful abstract on canvas. Signed and dated, 2021. Unframed.

"I could not get DNA replication out of my head during this piece.  This is the original information superhighway."  -Wood 

Darin Wood has been drawn to capture the gesture or feel of his subject. Darin loves the outdoors and prefers to wander about his native Canada and surrogate Texas for inspiration. His raison d'etre is to capture the essence of his subject without being literal. He says, "I am stunned by the tiny differences in lighting in a subject from one moment to the next and I am compelled to paint them." Wood paints portraits, figures, and landscapes with equal aplomb. He currently resides outside of San Antonio, Texas.

 "I am an artist hailing from eastern Canada. I’m influenced and inspired by Ryan Hewitt, Lindsey Kustusch, Irina Yermalova and Peter Pharoah. I love how their pieces focus on compositional arrangement of darks and lights, floating light into the shadows and the overall visual excitement created by strong contrast." -Wood


Canadian Texas Artist