19th Century Inlaid Syrian Club Chairs


36"W × 26"D × 43"H

Seat Height: 18” Seat Interior Depth: 22” Seat Interior Width: 24“

Two available. Sold separately.

Fabulous Syrian club chairs with intricately carved wood with inlaid mother-of-pearl and camel bone. Beautiful curves crown these statement chairs.  Leather cushions. Some small missing tiles. Wear consistent with age. In great condition.

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Syria is renowned for its art and craftsmanship, especially in terms of woodworking. The nation's carpenters, joiners, and cabinetmakers are famed for creating sensational, detailed pieces of furniture, cabinets, decorative boxes and doors. These functional pieces of art are often carved and hand painted designs and motifs, or sometimes a combination of other woods, known as mosaic wood.

19th Century 

Syrian Arab Republic