Hand Painted Chinese Screen by Caroline Lizarraga

$2,200.00 $2,800.00

128"L x 1"D x 84"H 

This stunningly beautiful and colorful hand painted screen was created in collaboration with the ever so talented decorative artist Caroline Lizarraga. Perfect for adding a bit of chic color and drama to any room. If unfolded completely it is 10 feet long...drama for sure. The front is painted with a wonderful, bold abstract figure and the back panels are a clean and brilliant blue and white pattern. The perfect art for any mood as both sides are vibrantly different. Some minor nicks to paint. 

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Painted on a beautiful Chinese Coromandel Eight Panel Screen. The embossment from the screens previous life can be seen through the paint, creating intricate details and dynamic bold colors. 
How will you use this original working piece of art?
Mademoiselle Chanel is believed to have owned 32 folding screens. Her apartment at 31 rue Cambon had eight of them, which she freely used in ways other than for what they were intended — she dressed her walls with them, like wallpaper, or used them to give structure to her private space.