Persian Hamadan Bijar Rug


78" x 39" 

We love all things flowers here at ByCloudia and this rug does not disappoint. The red field with a central salmon pink stepped rectangular medallion is front and center. The blush pink spandrels have flower blooms, plants and leaves within an ivory border. The  continuous flowers and leaves are linked by vines. A Hamadan rug on cotton foundation. In good vintage condition. Two small tears as seen in photo. Professionally cleaned.

The reverse knotting is a detail found in Bidjar (Bijar) rugs.  Bijar rugs are robust and dirt-resistant made in a small town in western Iran, inhabited by Kurds. Kurdish carpets are known for their firm knotting. The pile is compressed so strongly that it stands vertically upwards. The carpets are knotted with a traditional Turkish knot. This way, dirt particles have less chance of getting in the pile. The positive effect: the rug benefits from a longe life span. A beautiful and tough rug.

The rug pattern detail is in a stylized flora form drawn in a geometric style typical for Bijar rugs. The colors are from a traditional Hamadan palette.

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West Persia

Mid 20th century