Indian Bronze Figural Peacock Lamp

$490.00 $890.00


13.5”H x 12”W x 11.5”D

A brass Garuda 'Giant Bird' Wayang Kulit oil lamp. Wings spread and its head, wings, tail are held together by nuts and bolts in the most artistic way. The entire body incised with patterns to imitate feathers. It's hollow body is  a vessel, set with a hook. Ready to hang indoors or out. Patina through out. Fantastic condition.

Lamps like these were used in wayang kulit ,shadow puppet performances. They burned coconut oil and were suspended over the puppeteer's head behind the screen on which the puppets' shadows were projected. The Garuda, a common form for older blencong, is the mythical bird-vehicle of the Hindu god Vishnu. 


Late 19th Century