Large Bullseye Malachite Specimen

$189.00 $289.00

4.375L x 3.0W x 1.25H

The striations in the malachite are gorgeous and seem to flower from within. A substantial piece ready to add some warmth to any space. Good vintage condition. Some scuffs to stone that could be polished out if you desired to do so. This piece has small, soft crystals in between the clusters. A truly beautiful piece.

Welcome Malachite into your home for vibrant, strong, and renewing energy. Having Malachite is the best stone providing a constant flow of energy that is especially attuned to improving your health. Malachite can also energize any stagnant energy in your home. For uplifting family, Malachite works best when placed East. When using Malachite during work, it is best placed near your computer or desk to help regulate electromagnetic stresses.