French Limoges Serving Plate Stand


5.5"H x 13.5"Diameter ; Base: 7 1/4 "Diameter

Elevate your dinner party  or casual affair with these unique French Limoges hand-painted porcelain serving stands. Each having white ground, red and gilt foliate accents, rising on pedestal base. Signed. Marked and  dated underfoot. Excellent condition.

Sold Separately

Limoges porcelain is known for its dazzling white, luminous hue and the intricacy of its hand-painted decorations. The first porcelain with the Limoges mark was produced in 1771. Limoges had all the essential natural ingredients needed to create world-class porcelain—kaolin, feldspar and quartz—but, just as importantly, the region had a vibrant history of craftsmanship that dated back nearly a millennium. In the 12th century, Limoges was the most famous European center of vitreous enamel production, known as Opus de Limogia or Labor Limogiae. Limoges also produced faience earthenware, or fine in-glazed pottery. The heritage of ceramics and decoration was deeply woven into the fabric of the city.