Matte White Giraffe Lidded Vase by Giovanna Fasano for Enza Fasano Ceramiche

$547.00 $896.00

17.5”H x 4.25”Dia x 4.5”Deep

Topper: 11.5”H 

Beautiful and unglazed in its natural state. A handmade bespoke piece. 

Enza, the daughter of Grottaglie's most famous Master of Ceramic Art, Nicola Fasano, was born amidst pottery and has been inspired by it throughout her life. She and her husband, Salvatore Santoro, experiment with shapes, colors and patterns while remaining true to tradition. 

Enza Fasano pottery is a stylistic philological work celebrated in every detail. Giovanna, Enza's daughter, continues to design her own collections with a contemporary style. These creations are the result of a meticulous selection of materials, a balanced design and innovative colors. Enza Fasano's Apulia is an emotional journey expressed through carefully handmade and detailed artifacts inspired by tradition, yet revisited. 


Sourced in Grottaglie, Italy