Galatea and the River Figure

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8 3/4"H x 6 1/2”W x 3 1/2”D 
A love story between the beautiful Nereid Galatea and Acis. A tragedy.
A finely detailed depiction of the story in bone china by Minton, founded in 1793. The Minton name was retired in 2005. This gorgeous piece has a lot of texture. Galatea's dress and cape like shawl is in matte white and the river is also white but glazed. Excellent condition.
Marked No 527 Fine Bone China, Made in England, 1990 Minton, Limited Edition #101.
The Nereids were the 50 sea nymph daughters of Neurus, the ancient sea god and his wife, the Oceanid Doris. The Nereids were thought to be present throughout the Mediterranean Sea, and were often helpful guides to sailors lost and in distress. 

The story of Acis and Nereid Galatea takes place upon the island of Sicily, where Acis was a mortal shepherd. Galatea had observed Acis and had fallen in love with him, and the shepherd had subsequently fallen in love with Galatea.
Sicily was also the home of the Cyclopes. The most famous of the Cyclopes was Polyphemus and found himself in love with Galatea.
Polyphemus came up with a simple way of getting rid of his love rival, and simply picked up a boulder and crushed Acis beneath it.
Galatea would mourn for her lost love and decided to create an eternal memorial to Acis. Galatea did this by creating the River Acis from the blood of the shepherd. A river that would flow around Mount Etna and into the Mediterranean Sea.