Pair of 19th Century Antique Persian Damascene Birds

$680.00 $838.00

Larger: 12.4”L x 9.8”H x 4.9”W

Smaller: 10”H x 6.6”L x 5.1”W 

Pair of fine Persian damascene steel and gold birds. In fabulous condition.

Sold as  a Pair.

In the rich literary, mythological, and visual traditions of Persia, birds are central figures. For example, legend has it that the mythical bird Simurgh helped birth Rustam, the key hero in the Iranian national epic the Shahnama (Book of Kings). Birds were common pets in ancient Persia, and there’s a long history of falconry in the region. Persians were also some of the earliest peoples to cultivate gardens, ideal settings for picnicking, writing poetry, and watching birds fluttering amongst the trees.

Birds came to represent a range of different ideas, including freedom, love, fertility, ordained kingship, and healing. If you look closely at Persian artworks, you’ll likely spot real birds such as nightingales, doves, peacocks, hawks, and falcons, and fantastical birds such as Simurgh, Huma, and Chamrosh.


19th century