Pakistan Karachi Rug


5'1" X 2'11"

A beautiful deep red rug flanked by earth tones through out. The red field is divided by a traditional design. A great focal point. Wool on cotton foundation. Fabulous vintage condition. Professionally cleaned.

The reverse knotting detail indicates the rug be from Pakistan and made in a town and village workshop in and around Karachi. The Karachi design repertoire is varied, including designs based on traditional Persian urban workshop styles.  Displaying floral patterns drawn in a curvilinear style and may display traditional tribal motifs displaying stylized or abstract flora and fauna forms drawn in a geometric style with motifs often totemic in appearance.

This rug displays a style of design based on traditional Persian tribal composition. This design is loosely based on Turkoman tribal tradition originating from West Turkestan. Seen  by the presence of octagonal reserves enclosing stepped medallions, referred to as "guls," Persian word for flower head, which are motifs forming a major part of Turkoman iconography. The colors are from a traditional and extensive Pakistan palette. The tones of which suggest that this rug was probably made in the late 1980's.

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Late 20th century