"Thermotaxis" by Richard Jolley(b. 1952)


36”H x 48”W x 48”D 

Richard Jolley's "Thermotaxis" steel, glass and copper, sculpture holds a multiple of glass sculptures of multicolored glass balls. Each a sculpture on its own. Thermotaxis is defined as a movement toward or away from a thermal stimulus. Jolley captures the movement in glass.

“I think all good art speaks to the human spirit. Sometimes it’s technically involved and sometimes it’s not technically involved. If the technique is not used in the service of the intent, it doesn’t matter.” - Richard Jolley

Glass artist Richard Jolley explores all manner of natural and scientific subject matter in his mixed media creations. Jolley, who received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, has participated in over 64 solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally and has been awarded a variety of accolades, including being the youngest visual artist to receive the Tennessee Governor’s Distinguished Artist Award. In this piece, a metal cage contains the silhouette of a man with a target on his shoulder. Beneath him, enclosed in the bottom half of the cage, is an array of beautifully blown glass balls of all sizes and hues. The combination of rough, industrial textures with the smooth, fragile orbs creates a perilous visual discourse, and the resulting effect is one of both tension and intrigue.

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