Vladimir Kagan Bilbao Serpentine Sofa by Preview

$3,200.00 $4,800.00


39”H x 99”L x 54”D 

Seat Height 16.5”

A sculptural Mid-Century Modern style sofa designed by Vladimir Kagan and inspired by the curves and undulations of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. This sofa is one of Kagan's most Avant Garde creations and is quite dramatic. A bold statement piece for your living space, this sofa challenges deas of design with its undulating curves and avant-garde attitude. Dare to be daring with the Vladimir Kagan Bilbao Serpentine Sofa. New foam core. Professionally reupholstered in performance fabric. 

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Vladimir Kagan, a pioneer of modern furniture design in mid-20th century America, stood out for his flamboyant and dynamic creations. While other designers of the era catered to suburban households, Kagan's focus was on appealing to young, sophisticated city-dwellers. His iconic designs, characterized by sleek curves and dramatic out-thrust legs, exuded a unique sense of sensuality and style.

Kagan's journey in design began with a splash when he introduced the sinuous Serpentine sofa at the age of 22, following his studies in architecture at Columbia University. His portfolio expanded to include striking furniture lines like the Tri-symmetric tables and vivacious Contours chairs. Over the years, Kagan's designs evolved, incorporating materials like lucite, aluminum, and burl-wood veneers. He remained committed to comfort, emphasizing that furniture should be as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

His clientele included iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, and Angelina Jolie, along with notable fashion houses like Gucci and Giorgio Armani. Kagan's work is celebrated in various museum collections, including the Victoria & Albert and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Kagan's idiosyncratic designs didn't lend themselves to mass production. Kagan never signed on with any of the major furniture-making corporations, and examples of his designs are relatively rare. Nevertheless, even decades later, Kagan's creations continue to captivate with their freshness, energy, sensuality, and wit.