“Jane in Stripped Light” by William Jolly (1927-2014)


15”H x 12”W x 1”D

A beautiful intimate photograph. A female nude caught in a moment by Bill Jolly. A golden sheen covers the figure in seemingly natural sunlight light. A favorite at ByCloudia. In fantastic condition. signed. Framed.

William L. Jolly impressively crafted a Solarization Photograph of a Female Nude, elevating the discipline of Solarization Photography. An esteemed professor of Chemistry at UC Berkeley, Jolly is also noted for his prolific writings on the subject.

William Lee Jolly taught himself to take photographs and develop film using his father's Retina I after discovering the limitations of his Kodak Brownie camera. Later, during summer vacations from chemistry studies at the University of Illinois he worked in photographic papers-connected departments for the Kodak Film Company.

After he retired in from the Department of Chemistry in 1991, Jolly worked exclusively on photographic chemistry, mainly on the elucidation of the Sabatier effect and related phenomena. He invented innovative print techniques such as chromoskedasic solarization and silver mirror printing. His photographic work was among the first whole, illustrated books to be published on a web site in Solarization Demystified, written with the help of his second wife, Jane. His photographs have appeared in both the photographic literature and in various galleries.