WWI Rosary With Trench Art Crucifix

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Crucifix:3.5” x 2.25” x 0.5D in.
A WWI Rosary with a Trench Art Crucifix with wristlet.  A reminder that World War I was the first global war and everyone was affected. Whether a soldier fought with the Allied or the Central Powers or stayed neutral ; WWI  touched every region on the planet. This WWI handmade Rosary with Trench Art Crucifix is not only a chain of prayers, it's  a beautiful religious art piece.  It is a look back in time to someone's raw personal moment.
A total of four medallions. One included is a 10k  medallion with"Blessed J. Billiart." Features Jesus on a bullet marked, KN 14 VII. The bullet is German Armor-Piercing Tracer, known as a "reversed bullet" with a heavier powder charge. It was an early anti-tank method against the British heavy tanks of WWI. 
The World
1914 -1920